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Order your Gundry MD products at our Ambassador Discounted Rates. Prices are marked down just for you. Click on the link to read more product info. Discounts are up to 50% off, depending on quantity. Sign up for the newsletter to learn about special promotions to be used on top of discounts! You will never pay the retail price using Ambassador discounts.

Primal Plants - Green Superfoods  Want to learn more about Primal Plants WATCH VIDEO here

Lectin Shield - designed to neutralize the effects of lectins Want to learn more about Lectins, and Lectin Shield WATCH VIDEO here

Energy Renew - Supports Muscle Recovery and Cardiovascular Health. Designed to "re-energize your body on a cellular level.
Passion Fruit - 30 Servings - 7.36 oz

Vitamin D 5000 - Fast absorbing Vitamin D- essential for immunity, digestion, mineral absorption, mobility. *LOW PRICE* - This is the Vitamin D supplement Dr. Gundry takes.
90 Softgels

EBALANCE - "Specifically formulated to support healthy hormone balance - which improves energy, supports mental focus and promotes weight loss."

LONGEVITY MAX - Powerful NAD support - to help you feel youthful and energetic at any age

ESSENTIAL K2 - Vitamin K is an essential vitamin for bone and heart health.

Chef's Select Olive Oil, Gundry MD, High Quality Olive Oil, 17 fl oz (500 ml), grown in Morocco "Benefits of high quality olive oil are a healty heart, healthy skin, and stronger muscles"

Power Blues, Concentrated Polyphenal Blend, 30 Servings

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